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Clarion and SwiftKey to make typing in cars easier

Clarion AX1 in-car stereo boasts SwiftKey touchscreen keyboard.

In-car electronics company Clarion and app developer SwiftKey have announced a partnership to make typing in your car more much less hassle. The Clarion AX1 head unit, short for ‘Android Experience 1’, comes with the SwiftKey keyboard built in.

SwiftKey, which is available on Android smartphones, allows the user to type more accurately and with less errors, thanks to its ability to auto-correct text. The software learns how you write so that it can offer up the word it thinks you need next before you’ve typed all the letters out, saving time and effort.

The Clarion AX1 has a sizable 6.5-inch touchscreen that runs on the Android operating system. Passengers can connect their Android or iOS device via Bluetooth of WiFi or plug in a microSD or USB device for music and video playback. Full 1080p goodness is supported.

Navigation software and other apps will also be available to compliment its web browsing, email access and music playback feature repertoire.

“We believe connected car technology will be a growing trend throughout 2014 and is set to reach the mainstream, ” SwiftKey co-founder and chief technology officer Dr Ben Medlock explained.

“Partnering with a cutting-edge company such as Clarion demonstrates our real interest in this exciting sector and signals our ambition to become known as a leading platform for innovative, personalized technology,” he added.

Clarion’s AX1 head-unit is currently available in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and India. The release date for Europe and the US is expected to be sometime in 2014. No word on a price.

SwiftKey is used on more than 100 million devices around the world.


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