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Conquest Vehicles Evade super SUV makes your Range Rover look soft

If you’re an important dignitary with serious security concerns or your name is 50 cent, Conquest Vehicles has revealed something that may be right up your street.

This is what the Nissan Qashqai wants to be when it grows up.
This is what the Nissan Qashqai wants to be when it grows up.

For the paltry sum of $580,000 it can build you a Conquest Evade, an ‘unarmoured’ version of the bullet, bomb and rocket-proof SUVs that are the company’s mainstay.

The Evade is based on a hand-built Ford F-550 Super Duty chassis made of all the heaviest metals known to man. The steering wheel is made of solid stainless steel as are the door hinges, while the door handles are built from aluminium.

So, this unarmoured beast is certainly no softie, but it does feature a number of tweaks that make it easier to live with if you’re the sort of person that doesn’t walk around with an AK-47 assault rifle. It has three sunroofs, so you can stick your head out the top and laugh maniacally at passers-by, the interior packs a wealth of alcantara and leather, and there are even reclining rear seats so the kids can ride in comfort on the way to school.

The Evade also has some excellent gadgets with which to impress the other SUV-loving mums on the school run. It packs a roof-mounted, 360-degree searchlight you can control with a joystick, and night vision cameras at the front and rear. The Swarovski gunrack is missing from the spec sheet, but we’re sure this is just a temporary oversight.

Conquest hasn’t confirmed what sort of engine it’ll use, but has conirmed the Evade will be available with petrol or diesel power. If Conquest decides to supply the same 400hp 6.8-litre, bio-fuel-powered V10 found in the Evade’s bigger brother, the Knight XV, expect fuel economy to be abysmal.

Chief of Conquest Vehicles, William Maizlin, said of the hand-built beast: “We wanted Evade to set a new standard for our company in terms of pushing the boundaries from engineering to design to incorporating new user experiences without compromising the integrity of some of the key highlight design features offered by our armored Knight XV.”

The Toronto-built Evade will go into production in the Autumn of this year.


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