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Cop crashes into driver, blames her for being drunk

Deputy sheriff crashes into 25-year-old driver and falsifies report claiming she was drunk

A senior cop crashed into a motorist, seriously injuring her, then lied to cover his actions, claiming the woman was drunk at the time. Milwaukee Deputy sheriff Joseph Quiles drove his car into that of Tanya Weyker, sending it spinning into a tree, breaking her neck in four places.

Cop falsified report to blame victim
Cop falsified report to blame victim
Cop falsified report to blame victim

Quiles claimed he had stopped and looked both ways before pulling out of a junction only to be struck suddenly by the intoxicated Weyker. However video surveillance footage of the crash showed Quiles had failed to stop. What’s more, toxicology screening on Waker’s blood tests showed she had no trace of alcohol or any other illegal substance in her body at the time of the crash. 

Weyker was expected to pay for the damages caused, which included over $1m of medical bills until all the evidence was made available. Quiles eventually changed his story and admitted liability for the crash. The charges against Weyker were dropped. 

Understandably, Weyker has filed a complaint against Quiles, who to date seems to gotten off lightly. The deputy sheriff received a nine-day suspension for violating the ‘give-way’ regulation. It appears no action has been taken against him for falsifying his report.

We’re pretty shocked. What about you? Got any tales of wrongful arrest? Let us know in the comments below.



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