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Cop smashes car window to save fake baby

A US police officer broke into a parked car to save what he believed to be a baby locked in a hot car.

Upon smashing the window and ‘saving’ the ‘baby’ the officer discovered it was actually a doll.

The policeman, from New Hampshire, USA, was fooled by the very realistic ‘reborn doll’ called Ainslie, which was designed to look as lifelike as possible. It was so lifelike, in fact, that the officer even called an ambulance before breaking into the car and actually tried to resuscitate it using CPR.

Upon returning, the owner of the car was said to be quite upset with what had occurred. It emerged that she had bought the doll to help her cope with the death of her son. Awkward.

There was, thankfully, a happy-ish ending. The local police force agreed to pay for damages to the vehicle, but have released the story as a warning to other motorists; if you leave such dolls on display, then don’t be surprised if you return to find a smashed car window and an angry (and slightly embarassed) police officer. 


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