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Couple turns milk float into £95-a-night B&B room

A couple in Cornwall have turned a 50-year-old milk float into a cosy B&B room. Emma Collinson and her partner Stuart Billingshurst have transformed the float so that it comes complete with a fold-away bed, a sink, and even a cooker. 

Bit cheesy? The milk float transformation
Bit cheesy? The milk float transformation

The couple run an alpaca farm on Bodmin Moor, where they offer animal husbandry courses, but have nowhere for participants to stay, so they decided that turning their milk float into a £95-a-night B&B room was the perfect solution. 

The room’s cosy features will make any guest feel like a cat who got the cream. The fully functioning sink is located under the fold-up bed, there’s a separate seating area and the cabin has been left untouched, for those who wish to live out any latent fantasies about delivering cow-based beverages to the locals.

The room will be parked in the field in which the alpacas are kept, and will feature an extending canopy that’ll increase the living space available. 

Emma’s favourite bit, she says, is “being able to sit in the cab with a cup of tea.”

For a business idea like that you certainly need a lot of bottle (sorry). But Ms Collinson has stated that they had no choice, saying “it would be impossible for people to stay” as they don’t have room in their own park home.

Mr Billingshurst is no stranger to milk floats, having previously owned and worked in one. The pair purchased an old one from a milkman in Bath for £500 and spent a further £1,000 completely transforming it.

It is available to let out to tourists for £75 a night on weekdays, and £95 a night at weekends. Sounds like the couple will be creaming off the profits very soon. 

Do you think their milk float transformation idea will just go sour? Let us know what you think by posting in the comments below. 


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