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Cows run over while having sex in the road

You can always count on Russian dash cam footage to put a smile on your face, no matter what sort of day you’ve had. The latest clip to tickle our collective funny bones depicts a car being driven through what we assume is part of the former Soviet Union, before it violently encounters a pair of cows having sex in the middle of the road.

The driver, stunned into inaction by the sheer insanity of what is unfolding ahead of him, fails to avoid the banging bovines and the end result is a whole lot more banging. Metal meets beef, beef meets tarmac and the ending isn’t particularly happy for anyone involved. Both beasts do at least appear to survive the incident, although the same can’t be said of the car’s bonnet and windscreen, which take a bit of a pounding.

Cows being run over while engaged in coitus is funny no matter the circumstances, but this incident is made extra hilarious by the fact the heifer appears to have been running away from the horny bull at the time of impact, playing hard to get, presumably.Rejection appeared not to be an option for the bull who, reproductive organs flailing, gave chase on his hind legs until the point of impact.

A second bull, not involved in the crash, manages to cut in front of the amorous bull and gives chase to the clearly stunned female.

If nothing else, the video proves the value of having a dash cam, particularly in this part of the world where seemingly anything can and will happen. Can you imagine explaining this cock and bull story to your insurance company without video evidence? You’d be shafted.

Watch it for yourself and thank the lord you don’t live in Russia.


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