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Cry as a vintage Porsche 911 is crushed in the name of fashion

Feeling a bit glum? You should avoid watching this video because it’s only going to make you worse. Honestly, it’s painful.

Fashion label Rag & Bone released an advert for some items of clothing that starts off a bit weird, owing to a random fire on the floor spouting black smoke. Nothing offensive here, just a bit artsy.

But then we see a black old-school Porsche 911 that looks to be in immaculate condition. “That’s a beautiful car”, we thought to ourselves before it all takes a dark turn. Rather than watching the model drive off in it in sexy fashion, it gets crushed.

Suddenly a large concrete block descends, completely flattening the 911 and its lovely black paintwork. Adding salt into the gaping wound, you then have to watch the the event in slow-motion from various angles.

The video, which was directed by Peter Miles and shot by Glen Luchford, has already received a great deal of abuse from viewers. The most popular comment on the YouTube video said: “WTF why did you do that… It’s vintage they ain’t making them no more… and it’s an appreciating car.”

Another added: “That car is nicer then all your clothing.” Many of the other comments are too rude to repeat on a family-friendly website, but let’s just say the F-word is used liberally.

Since the advert was uploaded on the 28th of July it has amassed 75,000 views, of which it has a whopping 5,645 dislikes and just 63 likes, suggesting the pain has been felt by many petrolheads.

We feel a little icky for even covering the video because of the attention it gives it, even if the car was ‘just’ a replica or a shell. But even so, what a terrible waste of an iconic machine.

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