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Cummins Hedgehog: World’s ‘most powerful’ engine hits Goodwood

What is the most powerful engine in the world? If you answered ‘the one in the Bugatti Veyron’, then you’re wrong. According to Cummins it’s actually the QSK95 ‘Hedgehog’ — a ridiculous 4,000hp diesel lump that will be on show at this year’s Goodwood Festival of speed.

The Hedgehog is as powerful as 50 F1 cars.
The Hedgehog is as powerful as 50 F1 cars.

The Hedgehog is enormous both in terms of size and power. It has a cubic capacity of 95 litres and 16 cylinders, helping it deliver more than 16,000Nm of torque, which Cummins says is the equivalent of 16 delivery trucks, 16 buses, 16 excavators or 50 Formula 1 racing cars.

Obviously, the Hedgehog is a little too large to fit into your average family hatchback. It’s designed to power some of the world’s biggest trains and mining haul trucks that will haul over 400 tonnes.

We’d love to see it strapped to the north-east coast of the UK, along with a huge propellor, to see if it could move the entire drizzle-soaked island to some place where the weather’s nicer. Clarkson, are you listening?

“We are very proud to be able to promote our brand new QSK95 product to visitors at Goodwood,” said Steve Nendrick, Cummins marketing communications director for Europe. ” It moves Cummins into new areas of the engine business at 4000hp, and will grow even further to 5,000 hp and 120 litres in the future with 4 additional cylinders.”

You’ll be able to see the QSK95 Hedgehog for yourself by visiting the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which runs 29th June until 1st July 2012.


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