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Cyclist fined for breaking 20mph speed limit

Not all cyclists get away with breaking the law as one man was found to be going over double the speed limit by police.

42-year-old Rory Palmer was caught doing 41mph in a 20mph limit at Richmond Park in Surrey on Sawyer’s Hill. Suspicion was alerted when officers noticed he was overtaking cars.

The speedy cyclist from Shepherds Bush pleaded guilty at Wimbledon Magistrates Court. He was given a £65 speeding fine, £65 in costs and a £20 surcharge.

Palmer’s legal representative Mutahir Ahmed said: “Cycling is his hobby and he understands how dangerous it was. It was a windy day and he was coming down the hill. He did realise at the time he was going above 20mph but did not have a speedometer.”

Palmer could now be ejected from his cycling club, London Dynamo. Club chairman Paul Harknett told the Standard newspaper: “We take this kind of matter very seriously and will be discussing it at committee.”

“Disciplinary action will be taken. We have not been afraid to eject our members in the past, doing so with two cyclists who jumped red lights,” he added.

Sawyer’s Hill is notoriously steep and was where 40-year-old father and Doctor Sian Tiong Lim died after he lost control and crashed his bicycle in September 2014.

Although speed limits are set in stone for motorists, there has been some confusion over whether cyclists are legally required to keep to them in London’s Royal Parks. A spokesperson told BBC broadcaster Jeremy Vine that parks did not have a speed limit for those on bicycles.


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