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Dacia Duster Oroch could be one affordable pick-up

Dacia makes the UK’s most affordable car and sports utility vehicle in the form of the Sandero and Duster. Now, if a number of concept images are anything to go by, an affordable pick-up could be on the cards.

Dacia’s Duster Oroch concept is basically a more stylish Duster that has been cut up a bit. The Romanian manufacturer calls it a “styling exercise inspired by the world of kitesurfing”, which explains the storage bed at the back.

A double cabin arrangement with lots of sinister red lighting can seat five. External features include two rear-mounted cameras connected to an infotainment display in the centre console for capturing “special sporting moments”, 18-inch alloy wheels, panoramic sunroof and a satin white paintjob to compliment its rugged, off-road looks.

Dacia is busy showing off the Duster Oroch at the Sao Paolo motor show in Brazil, which make sense when Latin America is the target market and that 75 per cent of sales in South America are pick-ups. 920,000 units are sold annually, in fact, so it’s a potentially lucrative move.

We doubt the Dacia Duster Oroch will make it to the UK – no matter how many kitesurfers protest – but we get the feeling it will pave the way for an affordable SUV in the future. Until then, concept images await.

Dacia Duster Oroch pictures


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