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Dancing pizza boxes distracting Milton Keynes motorists

Dancing pizza wobble boarders putting off motorists in the area of Milton Keynes.

Screaming children in the back, mobile phones, an especially attractive pedestrian – driver distractions come in many forms and some stranger than others. Just when we thought we had heard it all, a report has emerged about dancing pizza boxes.

Drivers in the Milton Keynes area are reportedly complaining about ‘distracting’ Domino’s Pizza workers who are dressing up as pizza boxes and dancing beside busy roads to strum up business.

Local residents are using Twitter to warn fellow motorists where to expect the ‘wobble boarders’. Some have gone as far as voicing safety concerns for the dancing pizza workers themselves, who are having to stand on or near central reservations and roudabouts while doing their thing.

“The pictures don’t do these activities justice as they can’t illustrate the staff literally jumping up and down and waving manically at motorists,” motorist Ian Davies commented.

Domino’s is said to be reviewing the situation. “We have looked into the location of the wobble boarders around Milton Keynes and have identified that members of staff were not adhering to the guidelines within the risk assessment that is agreed to by all staff upon employment,” a spokesperson said.

“We understand that wobble boarding is unusual and it is not to everyone’s taste, however it can be an effective form of marketing.

“We have issued guidelines to franchisees and stores to ensure that wobble boarding is carried out in a responsible manner as well as a risk assessment to keep our wobble boarders safe,” the statement added.

Milton Keynes will be home to driverless pods in 2015.


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