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David Cameron buys used Nissan Micra for his wife

Whether David Cameron secured Britain a good deal in recent negotiations with Europe is open to debate, but there’s no disputing his ability to secure a good deal on a used car.

The Prime Minister paid £1,495 for a Nissan Micra from a garage in Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire, which he bought as a “a cheap runaround” for his wife, Samantha.

The security team first rang Witney Used Car Centre – located in the Prime Minister’s constituency – to enquire about the car. Garage owner Iain Harris, 44, believed it was a hoax at first.

“I thought it was one of my mates having a wind-up and I was going to be sat here for half an hour on my own doing nothing – especially when he said it was for a Nissan Micra,” he said.

When Mr Cameron and his team returned, they checked the car over for 30 minutes and even stood around the back of the 2004 Micra while the brake lights were tested. The Convervative leader said it had to be a car made in the UK.

Harris joked the PM would not want a red car. “Fortunately, it was just the right colour,” he quipped, referring to the colour of the Labour Party.

Before driving off, the PM paid for the car with 93,000 miles on the clock using a card. Harris, who described the experience as “totally surreal” added: “He said he’d sorted out his insurance, and he drove off, just like that. He was very friendly and down to earth, just like any other bloke buying a car for the wife.”

Nissan’s Micra is a solid runaround, but a far cry from the specially modified and very expensive Jaguar XJ Sentinel, which has an inner-shell made from high-strength steel and kevlar, Mr Cameron is driven around in.

Samantha Cameron is yet to comment, although we assume she is breathing a collective sigh of relief she avoided being lumbered with a Rover.


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