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DeLorean hovercraft spotted in San Francisco bay [video]

Roads? Where this DeLorean DMC-12 is going, it won’t need roads. Yes, folks, the bonkers contraption you see before you is a DeLorean hovercraft, which can travel on land and water. It was created by Back to the Future fan and car modifier Matthew Riese and can sometimes be spotted cruising the waves near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay.

The word "awesome" doesn't quite do this creation justice.
The word “awesome” doesn’t quite do this creation justice.

Thankfully, no DeLoreans were harmed in the making of this incredibly unusual mode of transport. It’s based on a popular hovercraft kit that has been converted to look like the famous movie-going time machine. It runs on ordinary petrol rather than electricity, uses a large fan instead of a Flux Capacitor and its top speed is a mere 45mph, not the 88mph required for Hollywood time travel.

Riese originally began building the Delorean hovercraft in 2010, but the first version was, by his own admission, very rough. It resembled a DeLorean and could hover, but it was rickety and and potentially dangerous to use in anything but large puddles. Undeterred, Riese set about rebuilding his creation from the ground up with financial support achieved via the Kickstarter crowd-funding Web site.

With $5,644 raised, Riese bought 2.5 gallons of epoxy resin, 16 yards of fiberglass, a bunch of US Coast Guard regulation signal flares, a marine stereo and speakers and four yards of Baltek core materials for the doors. Eventually, it all came together and the end result is the incredible contraption you see in the video below.

Some of you will no doubt be asking why Matthew has bothered to go through so much trouble, but not even he has the answer to that. “I don’t actually know why,” he says. “I cant remember when I decided to build it or what my motivation was, but in general I think it’s because I’ve always really wanted to believe that life can be epic – that great things are possible”

That’s good enough for us, buddy. Without further ado, scroll on down and see the DeLorean hovercraft in all of its glory. We think you’ll agree its more than worthy of a “Great Scott”.


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