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Dog eats Aston Martin

Owner gives away dog after it chewed his £80,000 Aston Martin.

A man from Somerset gave his dog away after he came home to find it had chewed through the wheel arch of his £80,000 Aston Martin DB9 Volante, causing £3,000 in damages.

A DB9 Volante, minus dog bites.
A DB9 Volante, minus dog bites.

Reports say Luce became distressed and started chewing the fibreglass while 42-year-old builder Royston Grimstead from Chedzoy, Somerset was away. It was the first time the pet had chewed a possession in the three years of ownership.

“I came home and saw her covered in white stuff and I thought she had got a bird and it was feathers – but it was the fibreglass from the car,” Mr Grimstead told the Daily Mail. “She had chewed out a huge chunk. I just laughed. I mean, what else could I do? I’m not a crier and she knew she had done something wrong because she had this guilty look on her face.”

Mr Grimstead said he was already considering re-homing his border collie spaniel cross Luce because it didn’t get along with his other dog.

“She avoided me after she did it and she was gone the next day. I didn’t tell the new owners what she had done – I expect when they hear I’ll find Luce back on my doorstep,” he added.

The Aston Martin DB9 is due to be repaired next week.

Border collies are prone to chewing possessions, usually out of boredom, stress or because they have yet to be trained. Minimising the time spent away from a pet and ensuring they get enough physical activity can alleviate the problem.

Would you give away a pet if it damaged your car?


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