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Dog holds owner’s hand for reassurance in car

Holding someone’s hand can provide a modicum of comfort when afraid even, it seems, if you happen to be covered in fur and typically spend your day chewing furniture.

For Tommy the dog, travelling in a car is a frightening experience, but instead of hiding away or trying to jump out of the window he has learned to cope by holding owner Adam Douglas’ hand, pawing at him until he gets his way. Douglas uploaded Tommy’s hand-holding antics merely to give YouTube’s video editing software a try.

Since being published on October 7th, the video has amassed a whopping 549,231 views and that number is likely to keep in rising while the Internet basks in its ridiculousness. Although no dogs or humans were harmed in the video, which is cunningly called “cant drive unless his hand is being held”, some YouTube commenters have accused Douglas of dangerous driving. “No seatbelt, one hand shooting a video, another hand holding a paw, and trying to drive. Your dog should be scared,” the top comment reads.

Responding to internet criticism, Douglas explained: “My phone was on a stand, yeah I had to re-jig it a little bit but it’s the same as changing a radio station.” If the video below has left you wanting more of Tommy’s antics, you may be in luck ─ although it may not involve driving. “Can’t believe so many people like the video. I only uploaded to video to see what the YouTube video editor was like so didn’t expect this at all,” he commented, underestimating the power of cute animal videos on YouTube.

“I’ll be sure to stick up a few more of Tommy’s antics – maybe outside of the car though, a lot of you seem to be concerned about my driving, which I can assure you was perfectly safe,” he added. Until Tommy resurfaces, you could try Googling ‘Cat In a Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba’ for more pet antics. No, we’re not joking. And yes, you are welcome.

Source: AOL


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