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Dog loses owner in crash, waits by the road for 18 months for his return

A loyal canine reportedly has been waiting by the road where its owner allegedly died in a car crash for a year and a half.

The dog first showed up at the crash site on a road in Berkut in Russia in the autumn of 2014, just after the time of the crash. Since then, it has only wondered off for short periods of time ─ even though the temperature reaches minus 5 degrees Celsius.

Attempts to round-up the dog have been made, but have so far been unsuccessful as the mongrel is said to distrust everyone but his dead owner. Now, passers-by have started feeding the dog and have even put a kennel by the roadside of the Tyumen Oblast region.

In an unfortunate twist, a truck destroyed the first kennel but a second one was built a few weeks later. The incident did nothing to dissuade the dog from waiting around, though.

Animal activist Anastasia Selina told the Daily Mail newspaper: “We haven’t been able to get anywhere near the animal, it only seems to want to get to its previous owner and as far as we know they didn’t survive the car accident.”

She added: “It doesn’t trust anyone else, and will not even let anybody even stroke it. We advise people not to disturb it, because we are worried it might run under a car if it gets scared.”

Locals have dubbed the dog the ‘Siberian Hachiko’, which is a reference to the Japanese Akita dog that returned to the train station where he was left by his owner a decade after his owner died.

This is by no means the first instance of a pet being unusually loyal to their owner. One man was saved after becoming trapped under his car in a crash – all because his trusty sheep dog lied on top of him to keep him warm for four days, which lead to his rescue.


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