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Drivemotion Animator lets you thank, flirt with or give fellow motorists the finger

Millions of us will spend years sat behind the wheel having one-way conversations with the tailgating white-van-man, the stalling learner or the girl applying mascara at the red light, but few of these adversaries will know the true depth of our contempt for their antics – until now.

Now you can send animated messages to fellow road users.
Now you can send animated messages to fellow road users.

Meet Drivemotion Animator, a wireless remote-controlled LED display loaded with moving smileys and messages you can beam to other road users. It’s designed to make smiling, apologizing and flirting at the wheel easier than ever, eliminating the need to physically interact with fellow motorists.

The gadget, which clips onto your rear window, lets you send virtual winks or frowns at the driver behind, as well as ask for ‘help’ in the case of breakdown or simply tell others to ‘have a nice day’. If you’re feeling particularly frustrated, you can tell the gadget to display an animation of a middle finger.

The Drivemotion Animator is the second device of its type. The original Drivemotion came with five ready-made still smileys and programmed messages.

The newest model lets you create your own animated graphics. It comes with a USB port, which users can connect to simple computer software (reminiscent of old-school Microsoft paint), allowing you to design bespoke animated announcements.

Examples, touted by Drivemotion itself, range from cheeky to plain bizarre. An online community is planned, where you’ll be able to rate, upload, share or purchase animations – if you’re feeling partiularly lazy.

Drivemotion currently isn’t available to buy. Its makers are seeking funding via Kickstarter in order to bring it to market.

The future of car gadgets or the purchase of the select few, perhaps one day sending a virtual hug or blowing a kiss from the wheel will be a thing of normality.

-Jane McGuire





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