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Driver to stand trial for jamming speed guns with laser

A driver accused of using a laser jammer to avoid getting caught speeding stands trial.

A driver allegedly evaded speeding fines for four years by using a laser jammer. Eric Craggs, 68, of Stockton, County Durham will attend court this week on charges of perverting the course of justice between July 2009 and August 2013.

Craggs is alleged to have had an illegal signal jammer fitted to his Aston Martin while it was in the garage for an MOT. The prosecution has presented an invoice dated 2009 to the court showing Craggs’ request for fitment of the device at the Stratstone garage. 

Devices like this simultaneously let the driver know to slow down in the presence of a police radar gun and also interfere with the reading the gun takes. A jury at Teeside Crown Court has heard how Craggs was discovered using the signal jammer, when PC Lorraine Williams was unable to get a reading from his vehicle during a routine speed check. Her equipment showed an error message and the officer became suspicious.

Officer Williams recalled a previous occasion where the same car had caused the same error message. Further investigation uncovered an object obscured by the front registration place of the Aston Martin. The object was revealed to be a component of a ‘Laserstar’ device.

The video here shows how the Laserstar jammer works. The gun appears to be completely unable to get a speed reading for the approaching car fitted with the device, yet has no problem detecting others.

Craggs denies all charges and the trial continues. Recently a pensioner in Florida was arrested and fined $48,000 for using a mobile phone signal jammer, claiming it was to stop other drivers talking on their mobile phones during his commute.


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