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Driver almost killed by surfboard flying through windscreen

A Hawaiian motorist almost met a grizzly end after a surfboard came flying through his windscreen as he drove along the motorway.

Surf's upside your head!
Surf’s upside your head!

Jerrin Ching was driving his girlfriend’s white Honda along the H-1 freeway when out of nowhere, a red surfboard smashed its way through his windscreen.

“I was in the far left lane and there was a bus in the middle lane, and all of a sudden I see this red thing come out of nowhere and turns out it was a surfboard. And it just crashed through my windshield,” Ching said.

Ching suffered relatively minor injuries including cuts and bruises to his arms and face. The poor Honda, meanwhile, suffered a smashed windscreen and dents to its bonnet and front lights.

“I’m just thankful to be here,” Ching said.

“[My girlfriend] was on Maui at the time. She was worried about me more than the car I guess, but her car’s going to be fixed so that’s the main thing.”

No, Mr Ching. The main thing is your head is still very much attached to your body.

The owner of the surfboard has not yet been located, however police believe it fell from an overpass and bounced off a school bus before injuring Mr Ching.  


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