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Driver calls police to say he is out of fuel and drunk

Most drink drivers go out of their way to avoid the police, but one chap from Glasgow, Scotland decided to actually call them up to explain his situation. 27-year-old Jamie Traynor of Dennistoun telephoned cops during the early hours of the morning to say he had run out of fuel and that he was drunk, AOL Cars reported.

Blurred vision: Why drink-driving is a bad idea
Blurred vision: Why drink-driving is a bad idea

“He gave [his car’s] location,” prosecutor Stuart Richardson told Perth Sheriff Court. “He also added during the call that he was drunk. A police officer was sent out to investigate and he found the car with Mr Traynor inside it.

“He had indeed run out of petrol. Perhaps not surprisingly, the police asked why on Earth he had done this, and he replied that he had various personal issues he was trying to deal with. He said everything had got on top of him.”

“He normally works as a scaffolder and at the time he had been working in the Inverness area,” Mr Richardson added.

Taylor’s defence say he “had some personal issues and that he was trying to deal with them at the time”, adding that his behaviour was uncharacteristic and that he had sought professional help to, among other things, deal with a number of outstanding debts.

Taylor was fined £600 and was given a one-year driving ban. As a result of the offence he has since lost his job and has applied for benefits.

A recent survey of 12 million insurance quotes by insurance comparison website MoneySuperMarket found scaffolders were most likely to have a drink-driving conviction, with an average of 4.6 offences per 1,000 quotes, describing the profession and other manual occupations as “thirsty jobs”.

Police are clamping down on next-day drink drivers and have started offering a reward to those who provide information that leads to a conviction.


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