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Driver fined £60 for looking at pretty pedestrian

Picture the scene: A pretty pedestrian walks by your car, you crane your neck to get a better look, pick your jaw up off the steering wheel then continue with your journey with one in the bank. It’s a fairly common occurrence for most people, but for motorist Doug Maclean, ogling an attractive pedestrian landed him in trouble with the law.

Keep your eyes on the prize, people. The prize being the road ahead.
Keep your eyes on the prize, people. The prize being the road ahead.

The 26-year-old was stopped by police and slapped with a £60 fine and told to take a four hour-long driver awareness course on the basis he was driving without due care and attention. “The girl had a very nice backside and I wanted to check out her face to see if it was as nice as her figure,” said Maclean. “It’s what practically every bloke on the planet would do.”

However, his leching didn’t go unnoticed. Police officers stationed on the Ibstone Road at Stokenchurch, Buckinhamshire, pulled him over and showed him a dashboard camera picture they’d taken of him doing the illegal u-turn with his neck. “I saw a police car parked about 150 yards down the road but I didn’t think anything of it as the road was empty and I was in complete control of my vehicle as far as I was concerned. I wasn’t leaning out of the window shouting and wolf-whistling either.”

Sadly for Maclean Cops thought his behaviour constituted driving without due care and attention. We would argue he was paying plenty of care an attention — just not on the road ahead.

“They told me that if I agreed, I could have a fixed penalty fine and would have to attend four hours of driving awareness courses. Otherwise I would be summonsed and then I’d get points on my licence too. Of course, I took the fixed penalty and the driving course.”

That just begs the question — was the object of his affections really worth the hassle? “The girl was a cracker,” Maclean said. “But it wasn’t worth getting a £50 fine for.

What do you think? Was Mr Maclean unlucky or should he have been paying more attention on driving and less on the pretty woman? Thoughts below or on Facebook as usual.

Via: Daily Mail


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