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DS 3 Dark Light Limited Edition becomes a production reality

The DS 3 Dark Light Limited Edition hatchback seen at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed has made it to production albeit in limited numbers and is available to buy now.

What separates the DS 3 Dark Light from its standard sibling is the addition of a metallic vinyl wrap along each side of the car, which helps the Perla Nera Black paintjob to ‘blend perfectly’, according to DS. That’s look pretty to normal folk.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, the vinyl wrap is scratch resistant so any minor damage will be kept away from the bodywork below and can be power washed and survive a mechanical car wash if need be.

The DS 3 Dark Light Limited Edition uses the DStyle Nav trim as a base, which means it comes with eMyWay satellite navigation in addition to DS LED Vision headlights, 17-inch black diamond-cut Bellone alloy wheels, chrome door mirros and ‘Dark Light’ exterior badging.

The interior has been bestowed with sports seats and a front arm rest, black leather pack, aluminium sports pedals, premium carper mats, spare wheel, yet more ‘Dark Light’ wording and a convenience pack comprised automatic headlights and wipers, electronically-folding door mirrors and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror.

No need to worry about choosing the right engine as DS only offers the PureTech 110 S&S, which is fine as the claimed 60.1mpg,109bhp and 151lb/ft of torque is ample for the relatively small car. CO2 emissions come in at 108g/km. You can also only have the six-speed EAT6 automatic.

The premium brand DS recently split away from Citroen, with the DS 5 the first car to ditch Citroen badges of any form. We drove it here and rather liked it.

A mere 300 examples will be built, each one priced from £20,795. Best to head to your nearest Citroen, sorry, DS dealership if interested.

DS 3 Dark Light Limited Edition pictures


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