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Dubai police to use Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari FF patrol cars

Dubai police have added a couple of tricked-out patrol cars to their fleet. The latest additions include a Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari FF, both decked out in a distinctive green and white cop car livery — as if you’d have any trouble spotting them.

The Aventador was unveiled last week by the Dubai Police on Twitter in order to show “how classy Dubai is,” according to Al Jazeera. We’re guessing ‘classy’ in that region of the world is a pseudonym for ‘incredibly filthy stinking rich’ because the car, before its cop tweaks, retails for just shy of £300,000.

As brilliant a thing as the Aventador is, it has one enormous failing as a police car – it’s a two seater so once you catch your perpetrators, you won’t have anywhere to put them other than in the seat next to you, and if that’s not an incentive to commit crime, we don’t know what is.

That’s a minor inconvenience fo the Dubai cops, however, because they’ve also added a Ferrari FF, which comes with four seats so up to three criminals can sit in absolute luxury while travelling at 208mph back to the slammer.

Whether adding supercars to a police fleet is a good idea is up for debate. Such powerful vehicles may come in handy in places like Dubai where the streets are filled with hypercars (and potential criminals who could make their getaway in such vehicles) but high speed frolicks in expensive metal can often end in tears. Just ask the Italian cops shose Lamborghini Gallardo was written off by a distracted motorist.

Still, whatever your opinion on the economics or practicality of using these cars as police cruisers, there’s no debating how awesome they look. Have a gander at the photos below.

Via: Motor Trend



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