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Eerie video shows crash test dummies coming to life

Short film explores the possibility that crash test dummies might be more real than we think.

After watching this video you’ll never think of crash test dummies in the same way again. A short film by student Malek Rizkallah explores the possibility the lifeless plastic individuals are actually alive as they hurtle towards a brick wall at 60mph.

The video ‘Crush’ is the final project in Rizkallah’s 3D animation and Visual Effects course he is currently undertaking at the Vancouver Film School. It depicts the two crash test dummies undergoing a crash test in a VW Scirocco.

“Moments before the test begins, a fateful spark alters the process,” the Vimeo explanation reads. “This event ignites a connection between the couple, driving them to defy their destination.”

The 3D visuals created using Maya 2013 software are impressive, but the real star is the thought provoking narrative. Perhaps it’s the fear of being in a crash ourselves and leaving those we love behind that makes it slightly chilling? Is it the fear of not being in control? Whatever the answer, the video, which has become a Vimeo ‘Staff Pick’, is well worth a look.

Now if Rizkallah doesn’t get an A for his efforts he almost certainly will get a pat on the back for gaining press coverage.

Check out the video below and then see how we got on when Recombu Cars took on human crash test dummies in a Volvo V60.



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