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Famous British road sign given the most minor makeover ever

Fancy a game of spot the difference? Try working out what has changed for the famous road sign that depicts two children crossing the road.

The Department for Transport (DfT) invited the original designer of the sign, Margaret Calvert, to give the road sign a slight makeover. Given up yet? We don’t blame you – the changes are minimal, to say the least.

For starters, the girl now features a modern bobbed hairstyle and more defined hands. Also the way the two children are holding hands has been made to look more natural. Pat yourself on the back if you spotted all three.

The introduction of the original design caused quite the stir when it was announced because it replaced the old design of a schoolboy wearing shorts and a school cap.

Calvert said of the redesign: “This was one of my favourite signs, being based upon myself as a child. But I always shuddered to see recent examples on the street, displaying such a travesty of my carefully crafted original.

“I was therefore delighted to work again on my design from 1962, and found that there were some subtle improvements I could make.”

Calvert was responsible for designing many of Britain’s road signs in the 1960s, which were introduced on the 1st of January 1965, following in the wake of the Worboys report that (1961-1963) that illustrated the various shortcomings of non-motorway British road signs.


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