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Furious 7 DVD Review

Furious 7 DVD Review: The seventh film in the Fast & Furious series is perhaps the most insanely ridiculous entry, but also one of the most entertaining – and a fitting final tribute to its star Paul Walker.

Fast & Furious films have never been high on realism, packing more unbelievable stunts than a dozen Marvel films melded together, but Furious 7 pushes the limits of believability well into the stratosphere.

For a start, the plot – involving a gorgeous hacker, a super-connected spy network and a vengeful Jason Statham – makes absolutely no sense at all. But the moment Vin Diesel and crew decide to drive out of a plane and parachute onto a mountain range to attack a convoy of armored trucks, you instantly get it. The story isn’t there to be coherent. It’s there to drive the film from one set piece to the next.

And oh god, those set pieces. Furious 7 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to balls-out action, with most of the stunts – including a ridonculous escape from a Dubai skyscraper – provoking manic laughter.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker again provide solid low-key bromance material, but the supporting cast really shines. Kurt Russell hams it up to delicious levels as a wise-cracking agency bigwig, but even he can’t top Dwayne Johnson’s delirious turn as DSS agent Luke Hobbs. It’s upsetting when Hobbs is badly injured near the start of the movie as he adds a lot of charisma to the Furious line-up, but he more than makes up for it with his cast-splintering, minigun-wielding appearance in the grand finale.

As he already proved in Cellular, Jason Statham makes an effortlessly cool love-to-hate-him baddy. One of the highlights of the film is an early bout of fisticuffs with Hobbs, with the pair duking it out in typically brutal fashion in an office filled with glass cubicles. Sadly the Stath doesn’t get much opportunity to show off his martial arts chops in Furious 7, but he certainly gets plenty of badass moments, whether he’s packing a massive gun or behind the wheel of some suitably sexy automobile.

If you want a brain-free couple of hours of high-octane entertainment, Furious 7 serves up fist-pumping moments in massive buckets. Check it out on DVD from September 7th.


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