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How do you finish The Fast & The Furious 7 movie without Paul Walker?

Paul Walker may be dead, but here’s how the film writers can still finish the script for The Fast And The Furious.

When movie star Paul Walker’s died in a recent car accident, he left a huge hole in the hearts of his fans. He also left a massive chasm in the upcoming The Fast Furious And The Furious 7 movie, which is part-way through filming, with Walker reportely having already shot many scenes. That leaves Universal Studios with a huge problem: how the hell do they finish the movie, and what do they do with the footage that depicts Paul’s character Brian O’Connor?

How do you solve a problem like Paul Walker's death?
How do you solve a problem like Paul Walker’s death?

It’s a tricky one, but to help out, we’ve put together 5 of the most BIZARRE ways that the script writers might be able to seamlessly have Paul exit, or mysteriously continue his role in The Fast And The Furious 7 movie. Oh, and if you’re reading these, Universal, please don’t do any of them. We really are kidding.

#1: The Brain Transplant

Remember when Joey from Friends plays the role of Jessica after a ‘brain transplant’? The movie studio could throw Walker into some sort of accident (involving lots of explosions of course) that requires him to have his brain transplanted into the body of someone else — Keanu Reaves maybe. Or a woman. Why hire a dead ringer for Walker when you can just throw in some diversity halfway through the film? 

#2: The Stig Approach

Credit: Flickr/Martin Pettitt
Credit: Flickr/Martin Pettitt

Perhaps Walker’s character, O’Connor, might be feeling a little insecure in the rest of the film. He’s having a bad-skin day. He’s got a couple of wrinkles that have just come up and he’s got a spot at the end of his nose. And a cold sore. So he decides to wear a helmet until it all clears up — like the lady in the Zovirax adverts. Or maybe the script writers could suggest Paul develops a sudden urge to live out the rest of his life pretending to be The Stig from Top Gear — never taking his helmet off. Job done.

#3: Hire a lookalike

Image: Flickr/Cliff1066
Image: Flickr/Cliff1066

All the best films have evil twin brothers in them, right? The updated script could involve Walker being kidnapped by his not quite identical twin Bradley (played by a cheap Walker impersonater) who yearns for as much power and status as our lovely Paul. He could then lock Paul away in some sort of dungeon and take his place in whatever adventure the script writers had originally intended — only with a few world domination twists thrown in for good measure, of course. 

#4: Scientology… nuff said

Image: Flickr/Anonymous9000
Image: Flickr/Anonymous9000

The perfect exit: O’Connor has left the group to join a cult. Simple. No questions asked. Well, maybe some questions about the cult itself will be asked. Perhaps that can remain a secret, though. Nobody will ever talk about it in the film. It just remains what it is: O’Connor will not be returning to the rest of the film, he has found his calling and has joined a secret cult. Let’s move on. 

#5: He never existed 

Image: Flickr/Adriano Agulló

Paul could be rewritten as a figment of everyone’s imagination. Vin Diesel could wake up suddenly to realise that the first six movies were all a dream — one that featured all his friends… and some mysterious bloke named O’Connor. The 7th movie could then be about absolutely anything. It could be rewritten as a rom-com, or a zombie movie to cash in on whatever trend is hot next summer. 

Have you got some more ideas to add to the list? Let us know by dropping a comment below. 


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