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Fast cars don’t impress women, according to study

Research has shown that women aren’t impressed by fast cars, and that they prefer to date a guy who drives something more practical.

They say some men drive flash, expensive cars to make up for their deficiencies in the trouser department. Unfortunately for these guys, research has shown that women aren’t impressed by fast cars and prefer men who drive something cheaper and more practical — excellent news for those who drive Priuses instead of a Porsches.

Pussy Patrol: Women may actually prefer the clapped-out look
Pussy Patrol: Women may actually prefer the clapped-out look

The study, carried out by dating site AnastasiaDate, found that a majority of women associated fancy cars with arrogance or insecurity. 56 per cent viewed men who drove exotic cars as being show-offs and 17 per cent saw them as being insecure. Only one fifth of women said they found men more attractive in an expensive car, whereas 37 per cent of women felt men who bought expensive cars were compensating for a lack of “something”.

Almost half of women felt that a guy’s economic status was reflected in the car they drove, and 46 per cent believed a car reflected a man’s image of himself. These links all sound familiar, but there were also some weird associations found in the survey: 11 per cent of women believed that a man’s vehicle can reflect his feelings about having a family. Drive a Mercedes? Then that means you want two sons, one daughter, a wife and a mistress. With a family dog. But no cat.

Men reading this may be pleased to hear that the survey was flipped over and men were given the chance to share their opinions on the types of vehicles women drive. Nearly 40 per cent of men felt a woman in a fast car was a show off, and 6 per cent saw those women as emotional.

For both sexes, the words of Shania Twain seem to ring a bell: “So you’ve got a car. That don’t impress me much.”

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