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Felino cB7 is a 525bhp Canadian sports car

Mental-looking cB7 track weapon teased by Canadian company Felino.

Canada may not be famous for fast cars, but that might change. No, really. Felino has been showing off a new concept at the 2014 Montreal auto show that will give the more established competition something to fear when it goes on sale in 2015.

The two-seater Felino cB7 sports car is built on a lightweight tubular frame wrapped in composite and carbon fibre to keep the weight down. A 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder engine can be specified, depending on your budget and sanity.

A 4-cylinder turbo was used in early testing. The latest cB7 prototype packs a more dangerous punch in the form of a 6.2-litre V8, which produces 525bhp and 489lb/ft of torque — a considerable sum when you consider a kerb weight of just 1,135kg with the V8 in tow.

A 6-speed manual or an optional sequential gearbox takes care of the gear changes, while 355mm discs with 6-piston calipers at the front and rear of the cB7 take care of braking. Carbon fibre is available as an option for the latter to save extra weight. Independent double wishbone suspension can be found at each corner.

Felino is yet to test just how fast the “potentially street legal” track-focussed cB7 can go. Judging by its looks, we’re thinking somewhere between “scary” and “certain death”.

Final specs for the Felino cB7 specs will be revealed in the summer of 2014. Canadians will be pleased to know that, while the car has been designed for the international market, “a limited series” will remain on Canadian soil. A price of less than US$100,000 has been stated for the entry-level model.

Scroll on down to check out the cB7 in all of its menacing glory.

Felino cB7 images


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