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Female motorcyclist performs tricks in her underwear

Nothing says safety like a YouTube video of a scantily-clad woman performing motorbike stunts.

Some of us find thrills in the most mundane of tasks. Others, like the lady seen in the following YouTube video, need to push the boat out a bit further to get the same sort of kick out of life.

The video in question shows a rather attractive lady doing what appears to be a series of yoga-esque moves on a custom Suzuki GSX-R motorbike on a public road while wearing nothing but black underpants and a bra.

The YouTube description of the video reads: “Girl showing their simple feminine skills in dealing with sportsbike.” We’re not entirely sure what that means, but the video is certainly compelling.

‘Stunts on a motorcycle’, as the video is known, has been viewed 64,199 times since it was uploaded early in 2014. It’s not clear who filmed the stunts or who the brave/stupid [delete as appropriate] woman is. All we know is that she is pretty confident on two-wheels and has a fear of clothing.

Admittedly the stunts were performed at a low speed, and yet the boring part of our conscience can’t help but think this video could’ve ended badly. Skin grafts are anything but sexy. Obviously don’t try this at home, kids. But do watch the video below.

Stunts on a motorcycle video


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