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Ferrari 458 ‘Niki Lauda’ edition is a one-of-a-kind

An unnamed buyer has decided to celebrate former Ferrari driver Niki Lauda with a one-of-a-kind Ferrari 458. The legendary F1 driver, who famously clashed horns with Jackie Stewart as depicted in the film Rush, has been immortalised after the deep-pocketed fan sent a Ferrari 458 Italia to the Tailor Made personalisation programme.

Here it has been given a shiny white roof with the colours of the Italian flag swooping through the middle, gold alloy wheels and yet more of Italy’s tricolore green, white and red colouring on the seats and central console.

Beneath the surface, this particular 458 Italia is the same as any other. Not that we mind when the standard 4.5-litre V8 pumps out an impressive 562bhp. 0 to 62mph takes 3.4 seconds and the top speed is 202mph.

No word on how much the transformation cost, but we do know the Niki Lauda edition is the only one of its kind and is likely to stay that way. Unless somebody pays enough to have a copy. 

“The owner of this two seater berlinetta wanted to make it unique by paying tribute to one of the happiest and most productive eras in the history of the Scuderia,” Ferrari commented.

A number of cars have come out of the Tailor Made programme, including a Ferrari FF lavished in carbon fibre and tartan at the request of English golfer Ian Poulter.

Ferrari owners can opt for three different tailoring options, Classica, Scudeira and Inedita, each one offering a unique twist on the traditional Ferrari style. Feel free to design your own variant on the website, if you fancy a bit of window shopping. 

On the off chance you want an even more personal Ferrari, there’s always the option of the One-off program, which legendary guitarist Eric Clapton made use of with his 458 SP12 EC ─ the last two letters representing his initials, of course.

Or you can settle for the faster 458 Speciale. Just don’t crash like Lethal Bizzle did.

Ferrari 458 Italia ‘Niki Lauda’ edition pictures


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