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Ferrari aftershave phone case review

The Good

  • Smells good
  • Handy design

The Bad

  • Doesn't protect your phone well
  • Cheap materials

Ferrari is famed for making some of the greatest cars on the market. However it’s also not averse to lending its name to tat. One product that appears to land firmly in the latter camp is the Scuderia Ferrari Red Fragrance Spray Hard case – a phone case with built-in aftershave. Yes, you read that correctly.

Looks… interesting

The design is pretty simple. The case itself is rather chunky and contains a hidden partition, behind which lies a replaceable container of Ferrari Red aftershave. This is connected to a push-button nozzle mounted at the top of the case, which releases a burst of scent.

It all works well enough – push the button and out come the fumes, but build quality is distinctly un-Ferrari – and that’s being kind. The whole thing looks and feels as if it’s made from the cheapest possible materials. Indeed, if the plastic used on this product were to be used in a Fiat, let alone a Ferrari, you’d feel cheated. 

Does it smell of petrol?

Sadly not. It actually smells good – to our nostrils, at least. There’s a citrus overtone, with a floral, almost spice-like note, but a sore lack of any of our favourite car-related scents. No ‘new car’ smell, no petrol, no burning cutch, and definitely no mouldy McDonald’s wrappers. It’s pleasant. 

Be prepared for some potential leakage, though. Every time the button is pushed, a tiny amount of the aftershave gets blocked by a plastic flap, leading to a build-up of fragrance near the nozzle.

Will it protect my phone?

Yes, but not very well. The iPhone 6/6s model we tested offers protection to the rear of your phone, but the majority of the side and all of the top of your phone are exposed. In fact, the phone’s screen actually protrudes above the case, so if the handset falls on its display, a shatter is almost inevitable.

Can I take it through airport security?

Yes, in theory. We never tried, but the liquid inside – although highly flammable – measures only 25ml, comfortably below the 100ml airport security limit. The makers recommend you separate your phone from the case when passing through security control, perhaps to make it obvious that you are not trying to smuggle contraband onto the plane.


Is it worth the money? Well, yes and no. No, because it’s a pretty cheap-looking case that doesn’t offer much protection. Yes, because it’s a handy design that means you can always have a splash of aftershave about your person without having to carry a separate bottle. If you can ignore the obvious cheapness of the design, the fact it doesn’t really protect your phone and the fact it’s slightly tacky, then it’s a lovely-smelling, handy dispenser.  


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