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Ferrari brings prancing horses to Queen’s Jubilee celebrations

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth 2.0’s reign, the monarchy is ensuring several key items are in place. Lots of fancy hats? Check. RAF flypast? Check. Ferrari supercars rampaging through the grounds of Windsor Castle? Wait, what?

The 'prancing horse' will honour the queen alongside some prancing horses.
The ‘prancing horse’ will honour the queen alongside some actual horses that prance.

Ferrari will “pay tribute” to Her Majesty on the 60th anniversary of her reign by bringing along its latest models, including the FF. These will be joined by a selection of historic Ferrari cars, paraded by the company’s most important clients and collectors.

The prancing horse will also involve, you guessed it, a bunch of prancing horses. The company will be in attendance alongside the 4th Mounted Carabinieri Regiment, who will perform an intricate Carosello Storico display.”to whom it has made a substantial financial contribution.

“The Carosello will stage a stunning display of horsemanship during which they will perform the intricate yet fluid quadrilles and equestrian rides choreographed to music, to showcase the skill and agility of both horses and riders,” Ferrari says. “The programme culminates in the Regiment’s now legendary final charge.”

While the link between British royalty and an Italian supercar maker may seem tenuous, Ferrari believes there is a strong link between itself, the Carabinieri and our Liz. “Both Ferrari and the Carabinieri are founded on a deep respect for tradition and history, determination, innovation and passion, resulting in the perfect partnership to represent Italy in this homage to one of the most important figures of our time.”

You can see the 4th Mounted Carabinieri Regiment practising alongside a couple of FFs by watching the video below. Alternatively, head along to the Jubilee to see it all unfold yourself. The event takes place May 10th to May 13th in the Queen’s back yard.

Update: Ferrari has told us it will not be parading its cars through Windsor Castle, as originally claimed in an official press release. Instead, the company will be “providing support” (mostly financial) for the 4th Mounted Carabinieri Regiment. Ferrari will, however, be attending the Concourse d’Elegance event at Windsor castle on 9th and 9th September.


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