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Ferrari F60America is too cool for the spacebar

Who needs to put a space between words when you’re Ferrari? The Italian manufacturer has just announced the F60America, a car designed to celebrate 60 years of Ferrari in North America in style.

Just 10 F60Americas will be built, each one packing a mid-front-mounted 6.3-litre V12 that allows a 0 to 62mph time of 3.1 seconds and more than 200mph. It is based on Maranello’s F12 Berlinetta, but is missing a roof. Instead it has a light fabric top that opens and closes up to 120km/h.

A few design tweaks make the F60America stand apart from the ‘normal’ car. It has extra bonnet holes (because why not?) and deeper side strakes, for example, while the interior benefits from carbon fibre, red trim and racing seats with the American flag motif on the centre and backrest.

There’s also a special Ferrari 60th anniversary badge on the wheelarches and the tunnel that rungs between the driver and passenger seat for a little extra wow factor.

Ferrari says the F60America pays homage to the 1967 275 GTS4 NART Spider, a car that was specifically requested by importer Luigi Chinetti from Enzo Ferrari for US customers.

We would tell you a price but all ten have been accounted for already. So you are more likely to win the X-Factor than own one. That’s a crying shame because the standard F12 Berlinetta is “the baddest non-hybrid supercar on the planet”.

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