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Ferrari’s Enzo replacement will be a hybrid

Ferrari has shown off a new chassis that will form the basis of the replacement to the legendary Enzo. Although the final car has yet to be unveiled, Ferrari has confirmed it will be powered by hybrid technology.

It may not look like much, but this is the next Ferrari and it's a hybrid.
It may not look like much, but this is the next Ferrari and it’s a hybrid.

Its powertrain will likely be based on Ferrari’s HY-KERS technology – short for Hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System. This consists of a powerful electric motor mated to an even more powerful V12 engine and a dual-clutch 7-speed auto gearbox.

Together, the systems will provide a gravity-bending 900bhp and emissions levels 35 per cent lower than cars using the V12 unit alone. What’s more, the electric motor should offer an on-demand KERS-style power boost at the push of a button – just like in Ferrari’s F1 cars.

Those of you concerned that weighty lithium-ion batteries could upset the balance and weight distribution of such a car needn’t fret. Ferrari plans to position the electric gubbins low inside the car to help ensure good balance and weight distribution.

The chassis, shown off at the Paris Motor Show, uses a next-generation manufacturing process and is constructed of different types of carbon fibre — ensuring strength where it’s needed and lightness where it’s not. The company claims the chassis will be 20 per cent lighter and stiffer than the Enzo’s. In all, the new car is expected to weigh just 1,100kg, 265kg less than the Enzo, while offering an extra 249bhp.

It’s not easy to tell what the next Ferrari will look like from the carbon fibre chassis construction, but we can at least garner some clues – like the fact it’ll use gullwing doors.

Much of the project’s expertise comes from Rory Byrne, ex chief designer at the Benetton and Scuderia Ferrari Formula One teams, so we’re expecting this to be pretty special. More on this as we get it.

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