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FIA legalises donuts in Formula 1

‘Donuts’, have now been made legal by the FIA for Grand Prix winners.

The FIA has legalised ‘donuts’, the act of burning rubber while drifting a car in a circular fashion, allowing F1 Grand Prix winners to celebrate in style. The FIA has stated that drivers are allowed “to perform an act of celebration” after crossing the finish line provided, of course, that the celebration act is “performed safely” and “does not delay the podium ceremony.” 

When Sebastian Vettel was crowned world champion at the Indian Grand Prix, he was penalised for shredding his tyres shortly after and fined £21,000. 

Christian Horner, team boss of Red Bull, said of the incident: “Sometimes there are things that don’t fully comply with a regulation, perhaps it’s a tennis player climbing out of the court and going to embrace his parents in a box at Wimbledon or a footballer going to hug a family member in the crowd.”

Mr Horner added: “From a team point of view I think it was exactly the right thing for him to do. I think it’s good for the sport and it’s a shame that it was penalised.”

Do you think the F1 drivers like Vettel should ever be penalised for celebratory acts following a win? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below. 


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