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Fiat 500 photobombs VW HQ in street view prank

We’ve seen some pretty epic photo bombs in our time. Naked streakers ruining a bride’s big day, animals fornicating during a sombre TV interview — that sort of thing. Not to be outdone, Fiat’s been involved with some fairly impressive photo bombing of its own.

Fiat photobombed VW in spectacular style.
Fiat photobombed VW in spectacular style.

One of the company’s cutesy little Fiat 500 cars has somehow found itself parked outside the front entrance of a VW building in Sodertalje, Sweden. Better still, it was captured on film by a Google Street View car that just happened to be rolling by at the time.

The picture has now been immortalised on Google Street View for all eternity (or until Google make another pass) so whenever anyone glances in VW’s direction, it’ll forever be obscured by the plucky red Fiat.

It’s unclear how Fiat pulled this off, or if they were even involved in the stunt. Perhaps it was just a happy coincidence. Maybe someone drove up to VW’s front door to ask for directions. Perhaps it’s a taxi dropping someone off. However, we prefer to think of it as a cleverly planned, expertly executed, and incredibly cheeky attempt on Fiat’s part to one-up one of its biggest rivals. Please let it be that.

VW, you’ve been punked. We suggest you get Ashton Kutcher on the phone and step things up a notch because this means war where we come from

You can see the ‘stunt’ for yourself by looking for VW’s Sodertalje HQ in Google Maps and entering street view mode. Alternatively, just click this link and you’ll be magically transported there.



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