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Fiat’s hilarious ‘The Fatherhood’ video ad is a sequel to ‘The Motherhood’

It’s fair to say most adverts are a bit pants, but every now and then one comes along that is actually quite entertaining. The latest to catch our eye is Fiat’s second attempt at viral marketing its new Fiat 500L.

The clip, entitled ‘the Fatherhood’ is the sequel Fiat’s ‘The Motherhood‘ video. In that video, a new mum raps about expressing milk from her lady lumps and wearing her nursing bra like a bullet-proof vest. The Fatherhood, in contrast, is slightly less ‘gangsta’, focussing on the the ‘joys’ of being a dad to a pair of screaming infants.

Throughout the video there are lots of genuinely funny rhymes set to an 80s soundtrack. Lyrical highlights include “It sometimes seems ironic as I binge on Radio 4, the one fun act that got me here, I don’t get that anymore.” Watch it, it’s funny, we promise.

Of course, Fiat isn’t merely attempting to fill your head with catchy beats and contagious lyrics. It wants you to be aware of – and hopefully buy – the recently released Fiat 500L, the Fiat 500‘s bigger, more practical and therefore more kid-friendly cousin.

Although the Fiat 500L may not be built primarily with fun in mind, it is brilliantly well-equipped for those fortunate enough to have offspring. There’s plenty of room for four, ample legroom, 1,500 configurations of interior space, 22 storage compartments and a 400 litre boot.

There are also some interesting optional extras many parents will love: a Lavazza coffee machine for much-needed caffeine on the go and a Beats by Dr Dre sound system that you won’t be able to us for fear of waking the baby.

The Motherhood video currently has just shy of 3.7 million views and counting and we can see The Fatherhood becoming a bit of a viral hit, too, especially among Dads who wish they could roll back time. 

Prices start at £14,990 for the no-thrills model.


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