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Fighter planes with F1 team paintjobs look the business

Ever wondered what a classic jet fighter or fighter plane would look like with the paintjob and advertising of a classic Formula One car? Neither have we. However, it turns out the end product is actually quite impressive.

Bill Clave decided to put his artistic talents to use by combining high-speed jets and classic liveries before posting his efforts on the DeviantArt website. The result is a collection of awesomeness that will remind you of the good old F1 days.

Highlights of his work include the Fiat G.55 Ferrari, Fw-190 Red Bull and the Rothmans Renault fighter planes. Oh wait, the Lucky Strike and John Play Special versions are great, too. So is Team Lotus. Okay we like them all.

Mr Clave, who runs his own graphics company, explained on his DeviantArt page: “I am too much of an engineer to make inaccurate drawings, but too much of an artist to be content with the simple outline.”

Scroll on down to see the images and let us know your favourites. Bonus points for knowing both the plane and F1 team.

Example plane liveries



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