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Film fans build home-made Jurassic Park tour car

Jurassic Park is one of the greatest movies of modern times and anyone that disputes this deserves to have their insides spilled onto the floor by one of those nasty velociraptor things. We’re not the only ones that feel this way about the film. One Reddit user is so in love with the Spielberg classic that he’s decided to build his own Jurassic Park tour car – just like the ones they used in the movie.

OK, so ‘just like’ is pushing it a bit. The tour cars in the flick were shiny red, green and yellow Ford Explorer XLTs, but CJ Swan and his buddies made do with a 33-year-old Subaru station wagon, some some spray paint, magic markers and a lot of imagination.

CJ and his crew started by scrubbing the car down and painting the roof in red. Next, they applied a coat of green to the doors and bonnet, masking a placeholder for the Jurassic Park logo with an upside down bin. Next, they applied essential flourishes such as the thin line of yellow around the wheel arches and door trims and the tribal-looking red markings, which were sprayed on using stencils made from greasy, old pizza boxes.

The most impressive parts of the car, the Jurassic Park logos, were sprayed on using home made stencils, while the fossilised t-rex-in-a-circle motifs were hand drawn directly onto the bonnet and doors — impressive stuff.

The finished car looks almost nothing like the tour cars in the film, unless you stand way back and squint a bit, in which case it’s absolutely spot on. Kudos to CJ and his buddies – we salute you sirs, and thank you so much for sharing your exploits with us in pictures.



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