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First gay driving school opens in UK

Being homosexual can be difficult enough in a world where ignorance and prejudice seemingly knows no bounds, but at least one businesswoman is trying to make one aspect of gay life a little less difficult.

27-year-old Karis Smith from Fallowfield, Manchester, has opened the gay first driving school in the UK, Gay Driving School Manchester, after friends complained about “jokes” about homosexuality made by instructors, including one instance that involved liberal use of the word “faggot”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Smith explained: “Learning to drive can be a daunting experience enough, without worrying about getting on with your instructor. You will learn much better if you are relaxed, comfortable and most importantly yourself! I am fully committed to teaching you to be a safe, conscientious driver whilst achieving that all important pink driving license!”

Although the entrepreneur was keen to point out that it would be better if gay people were able to use any old instructor as opposed to a specific service, she did explain the merits of her being a lesbian in her twenties. “With this venture there is no need to explain yourself and it’s a lot more relaxed. You won’t be met with a barrage of questions about your personal life,” she added.

The gay driving school idea has proven a success among the gay, lesbian and transgender communities. It has so far passed around 50 pupils in three attempts, with the help of her AA-franchised and unbranded Ford Focus.

Budding drivers living in the area of Manchester and Stockport can head on over to the Gay Driving School Manchester website to register interest. The first five hours of training start at £18 per hour.

Source and image: Daily Mail


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