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First-person rally video is terrifying and awesome in equal measure

Onboard a Peugeot 207 rally car with Simon Pagenaud and a visor camera.

The best lesson a motorist can learn is that he or she is anything but god’s gift to driving. On the off chance you need taking down a peg or two, this YouTube video of French racing driver Simon Pagenaud will certainly do the job.

The video shows Pagenaud test driving a Peugeot 207 rally car, with a visor camera filming the action from a first-person perspective. Somehow, in adopting his view of the road ahead, it makes you feel a bit like you’re there. Only minus the soiled underwear. Suffice to say, it’s terrifying.

What should make you feel even less of a driving legend is the fact Pagenaud is taking the Peugeot 207 out for the first time. The YouTube description says the first couple of runs are merely a practice ─ he saves “what he’s learned for the final blast through the trees”. Did we mention he’s also a sports car and IndyCar driver by trade? Rally driving is technically a hobby.

The Racer Channel, which is the official YouTube channel for Racer Magazine, uploaded the video. It has since amassed 6,722 views and 68 likes in nearly 24 hours.

“Just wow,” one YouTuber commented. Think that just about sums it up. Scroll on down and embrace the fact you are, well, not in the same league as this Frenchie. No, video games don’t count.

Simon Pagenaud French Rally Visor Cam 2014 video


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