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Cops avoid death by flying truck

Two American cops are lucky to be alive after an airborne pickup truck flew between their patrol cars

Two sheriff’s deputies and a state trooper in Iowa narrowly escaped death after a pickup truck was hit by another vehicle and flew in between the patrol cars. The officers were attending a traffic accident on Interstate 80 and were parked around 20 metres apart on the side of the road. The incident was recorded on one of the police car’s dash cams, and shows the truck flying through the narrow gap and narrowly missing the officers.

The driver of the truck, 45-year-old Dana Miller, and his passenger, were not harmed in the incident. Mr Miller said: “I heard a crunch, and suddenly I was flying through the air. It all happened so fast. I didn’t know what was happening until I was in the ditch.”

Mr Miller added: “When I saw the video, it did not look like me. I thought, ‘Who in the heck survived that?’”

Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek said: “This is a glaring example of how close we came to losing three troopers all because a driver chose not to slow down when approaching a crash scene full of vehicles and emergency lights.”

The video was released to show why motorists need to use caution when approaching vehicles parked on the hard shoulder. 

If you’re addicted to insane footage captured on dash cams, then make sure you stay tuned for our upcoming Top 10 Russian Dash Cam Moments video. For now, why not leave your thoughts in the comment section below?



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