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Fomm electric concept car laughs in the face of flooding

Fomm Concept One is designed to tackle flooded areas with its boating capabilities.

In times past a car like the Fomm Concept One would be mocked for its ridiculous premise. Now, after great portions of the UK have spent much of 2014 underwater, the idea of a car that doubles up as a boat borders on clever.

Its creators claim the Fomm is the world’s smallest four-seater electric vehicle. It can bob along in the water using a built-in water jet similar to that of a jet ski, but only in emergency situations ─ “movement capability on water is limited”, apparently. Any sailing trip requires maintenance afterwards.

To help it float on water, the Fomm Concept One weighs just 1,014lbs. It’s 8.2-feet long, 5.1-feet tall and 4.24-feet wide so it should house four people almost comfortably. Two electric motors built in the front wheels provide 5Kw (6.7hp) of power and 280Nm of torque each, giving a total of 560Nm. The range and battery size is unknown.

For reasons unknown the steering wheel is nowhere to be seen. In its place are handlebars mounted to a stalk with a digital display on top for checking your current speed. Bench-like seats complete the red, white and grey interior, which is accessed via a sliding door.

The Fomm Concept One was designed in Japan where the issue of flooding is even worse than it is in Britain. In 2011, for instance, the Tohoku earthquake triggered a tsunami as tall as 40.5-metres. In situations like that a car with amphibious tendencies could prove handy.

“Flood and water damage resistance capability helps prevent breakdowns even in the floods and downpours that often occur in Southeast Asia…” the company explained. “Even if caught in a flood, a water-jet generator allows vehicle movement on the water surface.”

Cars with boat elements are hardly new. The WaterCar Panther, for example, is already on sale from £70,000.

There are no plans for the Fomm Concept One to make it to production. For now, it’s just a slightly mad concept with a patriotic paintjob. In the meantime you could build your self a hot tub boat, which is infinitely less useful but infinitely more fun.


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