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Ford Easy Fuel system prevents fuel theft (from inept thieves)

Fuel thefts are on the rise in the UK. Around 4,500 cases are reported in the UK annually, making it more commonplace than ever. However this sort of criminal tomfoolery shouldn’t be a issue for Ford owners, the company has recently claimed.

Ford's Easy Fuel stops you putting in the wrong type of fuel.
Ford’s Easy Fuel stops you putting in the wrong type of fuel.

That’s because Ford’s Easy Fuel system, which was designed to prevent drivers filling up with the wrong type of fuel, also doubles as an anti fuel theft device that makes it extremely difficult to syphon fuel out of the vehicle.

On paper, Ford’s claims are sound. With Easy Fuel, the filler opening is secured as part of the car’s central locking system. It also has a spring-loaded flap, held in place by two latches, that can only be released by a standard-sized fuel nozzle. In principle, syphoning hoses are of no use to a would be-crook.

Unfortunately a desperate thief still have plenty of options to get at your precious gas — even with Easy Fuel in place. Easy Fuel caps can be accessed using a special funnel, supplied with every vehicle, which is designed to help owners re-fuel from a jerry can. Ford’s Easy Fuel vehicles aren’t exactly exclusive (the technology has been around since 2008) so there’s every chance a thief might own, or knows someone who has access to a funnel.

A determined thief can also unscrew the bolt plug on the bottom of the fuel tank, draining it in seconds.

With all this in mind, it’s probably best we don’t rely on Easy Fuel completely to protect our fuel stashes. Guard dogs and baseball bats are a far more effective detterent. 

Easy Fuel is available on the Ford Focus, Fiesta and other Ford vehicles.


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