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France to give motorists who eat while driving their just deserts

The country of France has banned drivers from eating at the wheel – and those who choose to disobey will be given a £50 on-the-spot fine.

Legislation passed this week has also clamped down on other activities that affect driver concentration, including applying makeup, listening to ‘excessively loud music’ and reading a map. All things you should do outside of the car, basically.

Not only that, wearing headphones while driving on a bike, motorcycle or car will land you in trouble with the boys in bleu. It is also now illegal to smoke in the car with a child under 12 present. Smoking in children’s play areas has also been banned.

France is no stranger to strict road laws. In 2012 it brought in the need for drivers to carry breathalysers, adding to the already sizable list of legal requirements that includes a high-visibility jacket, road safety triangle, deflectors to stop you from blinding drivers and spare headlight bulbs.

It is also illegal to have a speed camera detector built, even if it’s built into your satnav. You can expect a fine of up to £1,000 if caught ignoring this law.

Given the ever-increasing number of road laws in France, it is reassuring to know it will be putting up notices at border crossing and motorways to inform motorists of the changes.

Best to keep that fromage et jambon baguette holstered until you pull in.


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