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Frankenstein ‘truckcar’ redefines ugly

We’ve never been to Kentucky but we don’t imagine an awful lot goes on there. This, admittedly perceived, lack of action seems to have given one of its inhabitants the inspiration to create a spectacularly bizarre Frankenstein car truck truckcar.

Kill it! Kill it with fire!
Kill it! Kill it with fire!

This abomination is being advertised on Craigslist as a 1962 International ‘truckcar’ and was fashioned from not one, but at least three separate vehicles. The front and rear sections look like they used to be part of a Pontiac Grand AM, while the cabin and bonnet appear to be pilfered from a 1962 International pickup truck.

Inside, this ‘thing’ features an Oldsmobile dashboard, which gives it all manner of unlikely luxuries including tilt steering, cruise control, power seats and air conditioning. Everything is in working order except the air con which is ‘low of freon’ (a banned substance that used to be the active chemical in many old refrigerators and air conditioning units) but that’s probably a good thing.

Power comes from a fuel-injected engine — probably the Grand AM’s — accessible via the International pickup’s two-flap bonnet. It also features the Grand AM’s original dual exhaust. The seller hasn’t disclosed whether it’s mechanically sound, but the ad states there are no ‘check engine’ lights on so it must be fine, surely.

The owner is selling this monstrosity because he has too many other projects on the go and not because it’s so hideous he’ll do anything to get rid of it. We suspect his psychotherapy classes are also placing an increased demand on his spare time.

If you’d like to own it for yourself, or you’d like to do the world a favour by setting it alight, you’ll have to pony up $3,000 (£1,924). Head over to Craigslist for more info.

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Via: Hooniverse


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