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Ghe-O ‘Rescue’ truck makes your Land Rover look soft

Most 4×4 vehicles spend their days ferrying kids to and from school gates or, on a particularly adventurous trips, negotiating bits of mud on a country road. But some, like the Ghe-O Motors ‘Rescue’, live a far more adventurous life. 

This 3.2-tonne Romanian-built dirt machine gets its name from its solitary purpose in life; rescue, and it’ll do its job pretty much anywhere, be that across deep rivers, on the peaks of mountains or in mud so deep it’d make a Land Rover sob.

The Rescue is massive — three feet longer and two feet wider than the hefty Hummer H1, yet it somehow manages to weigh about 500lbs less. It can carry up to 11 passengers, so all but the largest failed mountaineering expeditions can be escorted back to safety in one go.

Looks wise, there is more than a passing resemblance to the aforementioned Humvee. Except the Rescue has angular doors and flared nostrils at the end of the bonnet that look as if they could spout fire at any moment.

The Ghe-O has a choice of petrol engines that produce between 340 and 500 horses, while a more thrifty diesel range manages either 218bhp or 304bhp. All power is channelled to big wheels or rear-half tracks if there’s snow afoot. Oh, and it has inflatable pillows that fit onto the tyres, allowing it to tread water.

As for creature comforts, you can forget air conditioning and heated seats; the options list includes a 620-litre water tank, foldable cargo area mounted on the roof, GPS, medical stretchers and a trailer for passengers. Military applications can benefit from added water and electromagnetic protection.

Ghe-Motors say the Rescue is designed to tackle “all types of terrain and on any type of weather”, which you would expect from a company that named its previous vehicles Warrior, Predator and Fighter. This is not a vehicle you want to meet in a dark alley. Unless you need rescuing, that is.

No word on a price. We’re thinking expensive, given its off-roading capabilities. Now scroll on down to see the beast in action.

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