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Grid 2 Special Edition comes with a free BAC Mono single-seater

Special Edition games usually come with a few extras; posters, a sticker or two or a figurine if you’re lucky, but not in the case of racing game Grid 2 Special Edition. The game’s developer, Codemasters, is giving away a ‘free’ car, and a bloody good one, at that.

The Grid 2 Special Edition game costs £125,000, but it comes with this.
The Grid 2 Special Edition game costs £125,000, but it comes with this.

OK, so the car isn’t exactly free. Grid 2 Special Edition will set you back £125,000. For that considerable sum of money you get the game, a PlayStation 3 to play it on, tailored branded boots, gloves and a race suit, plus a BAC Mono.

Curiously, a ‘bog standard’, i.e. non-Grid 2-branded, BAC Mono costs just £101,940.

The BAC Mono sits in a category of cars that also includes the Ariel Atom and Caterham R600. It’s propelled by a 280bhp, 2.3-litre Ford Cosworth engine strapped to a body that weighs just 540kg, giving it a power to weight ratio of 520bhp. That’s not far off Bugatti Veyron 16.4 territory.

You can also revel in the knowledge that only one Grid 2 Special Edition package exists so you won’t be seeing a similar BAC Mono on a street near you. Not that you’ll see many of the things anyway.

Tempted? Head on over to Game to register your order. Failing that, you could just buy Grid 2 when it launches on the 31st of May in Europe on Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

The Special Edition pack also includes this racing suit.

It's actually cheaper to buy all the items separately, but the Grid-liveried BAC Mono is a one-off


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