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Gymkhana 6 is Ken Block drifting at its purest

Drift king Ken Block is back in a new video that involves him spending more time going sideways than forwards ─ the exact reason why we watch him. Gymkhana 6 takes the series back to the early days when it was all about the technical ability. The steep, unforgiving streets of San Francisco in Gymkhana 5 have been replaced with a man-made course filled with narrow bends, ship containers and even a spike ball.

It may seem less exciting to behold, and to a certain extent it is, but the boring backdrop really puts the focus on Block’s amazing ability to take his highly-modified Ford Fiesta to within inches of barriers, Lamborghinis and men on Segways.

Before you decide to give this ago, you should know Mr Block is a professional. And slightly insane. He also has the luxury of sponsors just in case something does go wrong while hooning around in his 650bhp, 650lb/ft of torque rally machine, which’ll do 0 to 60mph in 1.8 seconds.

After six installments it was only a matter of time before a parody video came along. Ken Box Cart Gymkhana — A Tribute to Ken Block involves a man driving around a warehouse in a card box, navigating around an indoor course consisting of pallets, forklift trucks and a gorilla. Yes, really.

Scroll on down and check out the video below to see Gymkhana 6 in action. After that, Ken Box is definitely worth a look as well.

Via: Top Gear


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